“earth is not an alien battlefield”

How would the world look if all the cows began to jump off a cliff? If you are the only one standing in the garden, you are the garden. What seems smart in philosophy, seems unsmart during a personal crisis. If you actually seek to create mental powers, seek not to rid yourself of your... Continue Reading →


“share the wisdom of Inspirobot”

“Living room” is another word for “the loneliest place on earth.” “Café” is another word for “human circus.” “Bar” is another word for “where dreams go to die.” Perhaps erotic thoughts are erotic thoughts because somebody’s playing with you? Do you think fears are fears because they trust you? Could it be that tears are... Continue Reading →

inspirobot poem 3

A melody can be as beautiful as confusion experiencing itself. Popularity and low self-esteem go together like hot sauce and tits. The fact that you are crying doesn’t mean you’re not in denial. Love dick. Don’t smoke. Don’t prepare to die, just do yoga. Don’t whip yourself. Eat more kale. Society is a riot against... Continue Reading →

inspirobot poem 2

I don't know how long the Inspirobot will hold my interest, but for now I plan to do a series of pieces that are compilations of the bot's sayings. I'm fascinated by the concept of poetry as the curation of artificial intelligence. ******* A vegan can also be an arsonist. The fact that you are... Continue Reading →

not all pubs have a coffin

It’s not easy to find a pub that stands out in Dublin. So long as you avoid those godawful tourist joints, there’s a seemingly bottomless world of beautiful old establishments, dark wood bars from which you can almost feel the history seeping. On an afternoon, if you are of the bookish or contemplative variety, you... Continue Reading →

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